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 Training That is Engaging, Interactive, and Applicable Right Now

Learn from Cara, Anna, and Laura about important topics and conversations that are relevant to your business right now. We provide trainings in person for groups here in the Tri-Cities area and privately for organizations too. 

The Leader Within – Leadership as Simple as Growing Up

Increasing the Know Like, Trust Factor for More Results You Want

Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk: Leading by Example

Spill the Tea – Practical Skills Tools & Mindsets

Connecting the Dots Between Your Environment & Success

Understanding Communication & Larning Styles

How Clearly Aligned Leadership Started: The Power of Collaboration

In the process of networking, Cara, Anna, and Laura decided to meet over lunch. Within 45 minutes we created an outline of our first Clearly Aligned Leadership training called “Empowered Leadership”.  “Maybe” turned into “Definitely”.  Three people coming together that are so different, yet so totally aligned is what happens when leaders collaborate.  Since then, the three of us continue to empower each other and grow together as we work hard to leave the world a better place.  Our favorite way to do this is to collaborate over some great food and brainstorm all things possible for empowering leaders to become the best version of themselves.

At Clearly Aligned Leadership (CAL), we are driven by a shared passion for empowering leaders in our communities to reach their full potential.  Our unique team comprises three individuals, each bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to the table.  Cara, a seasoned executive coach, has guided numerous leaders through transformative journeys, fostering personal and professional growth.  Anna, a successful business strategist, brings a deep understanding of finding solutions for businesses and individuals to thrive.  Lastly, Laura, a respected professional and community leader, offers a wealth of practical insights derived from her diverse background in human resources and professional development.

Together, we form a dynamic collaboration, pooling our collective knowledge, different perspectives, and individual experiences to provide comprehensive resources and support for leaders seeking to navigate the complexities of their roles.  At Clearly Aligned Leadership, we believe in the transformative power of leadership and are committed to fostering a community of thriving, impactful leaders.

Meet The Team

Together, we have created Empowered Leadership Trainings to support our community bringing our unique perspectives, expertise, and experiences so that we can collaborate and learn from one another.

Ultimately, we want to help organizations and businesses be successful as we train executives, managers, business owners, and employees.

Cara Jean Wilson

Meet Cara Jean – a High-Performance Leadership Coach with a passion for people and a mission to empower young leaders. Her journey began as a young teen when she traveled abroad and worked on communication and trust-building. Cara has since held several leadership roles and developed the CARA method, which has consistently produced sustainable growth in STEAMM and DE&I. As the CEO and Founder of Taking CARA Business, Cara works 1:1 with leaders to help them impact themselves and their companies.

Cara‘s approach to leadership development and empowerment is unique, incorporating E.I. and accountability, in the fun way. Her quick Epigenetic hack, “Everything Works 4 Me,” is a simple but powerful technique that can transform your reality. Cara‘s ultimate dream is to build an ecovillage around a STEAMM occupational university, and she uses her job to build the future she wants.

If you’re looking to engage, enable, and empower your leadership, Cara is the coach for you. Her clients include leaders in HR, DE&I, Sustainability, and STEAMM, and she’s always looking to connect with businesses that recognize the new normal is normalizing the new. Don’t miss the opportunity to take CARA your team and watch as they “take CARA” everything else. Contact Cara at or through her booking link, and unlock your lucky leader gene today!

Anna Empey

Anna Empey grew up on a 1,000-acre apple and fruit orchard in Eastern Washington. While growing up she went to the Walla Walla farmers market selling her family fruit for 13 summers. She graduated with her degree from Brigham Young University in Anthropology, with a Minor in Communications.

Since 2010, Anna has worked for and with many small businesses, wearing many hats from marketing to sales, to CRM automation development, to graphic design, to operations and leadership, to help each and every company achieve success. While Anna worked for these companies, many of them experienced major growth achieving what seemed impossible at times. As part of the LGBTQ+ community, Anna has volunteered 100s of hours using her business skills to non-profits that are here to make a difference. 

In June 2019, she started a business development consulting and marketing agency called Business Inspired Solutions to help small and medium-sized businesses implement solutions and use best practices to succeed. Her small team has helped dozens and dozens of businesses on their journey. Anna also brought Biz to Biz networking chapters to the Tri-Cities to build a stronger community for small businesses.

Anna’s mission is to leave the world a better place. She loves collaborating on projects and working with her clients. Anna stands for what is possible for businesses and individuals. Ultimately, Anna loves empowering her clients and community to bring their dreams and visions into reality. 

Laura Flores

Laura Flores attended the University of Washington and has over 20 years of experience in Human Resources, Project Management, and Training & Development.

She has served in community efforts through advisory boards at Perry Technical Institute, board member of Yakima SHRM, Chair of the Giving Tree coordinating holiday gifts for local foster children and families facing domestic violence, and board member of the PTA for Smith Elementary School.  Laura currently sits as a council member for the City of Grandview and founding board member of Main Street Grandview Association.

Laura is passionate about making a positive impact to those in her community and inspiring others to do the same.
Throughout her professional career, Laura has been learning, growing, and gaining experience in improving her skills and abilities to provide the best strategies for organizations, teams, and individuals to become the best versions of themselves.

Why Laura?

Laura is an enthusiastic, entertaining, and informative presenter on both corporate issues and leadership topics and with over 20 years in the field of Human Resources, she offers a unique blend of knowledge, experience, humor, and interaction to custom presentations and trainings. She is not your typical business, team, and individual growth expert. Laura has a unique ability to provide actionable answers to individual and organizational challenges in an entertaining and impactful way.

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